Tech : GMail EAS Changes

For longer than I can remember I have been a GMail user. Initially I was scared of it – putting all my mail on the web seemed like a crazy plan, but eventually I signed up and dropped by ISP’s email account for a GMail address. Ever since, I have happily enjoyed my email anywhere, labeling and archive, a host of free space and even piece of mind offered by two factor authentication. I have seen no reason whatsoever to doubt my decisions, until news broke  last night that Google were planning to drop EAS support for Individual GMail accounts (

Like many users, I choose my loyalty to products based on the best one available at the time. Typically this means that I use services or products from several companies at the same time, basing each decision on its merits not brand allegiance. Unfortunately I seem to have picked my poison in this war by buying into the Windows Phone mobile environment. My reasons are simple, I prefer the interface, speed and simplicity of the WP devices – I have no need for a  powerhouse uberhacker device in my pocket, I just like my phone to do what I need, when I need in the easiest way possible. I had an android phone, a symbian Nokia device , iPads and iPhones and this is where I have ended up, its just what I prefer – comparisons, features, reviews, and out and out hardware battles aside.

Inconveniently  for me it seems that my personal tastes have landed me right in the “EAS Switchoff” firing line. In a battle between ancient and bitter rivals, the true looser will not be a brand name, a sales figure or a jarring comment at a tech expo – its me, the customer. Standing to lose functionality on my Windows Phone device, because to Google , EAS is a “dead” technology.

I am sure Microsoft will update the Mail app to support whichever method becomes the next favorite, but for now I can’t help but look at other options for my email account, before the floor falls away under my feet – after all, I am not about to can an expensive phone, just to chase a feature rich email experience.